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As clean as before

We experience that every day. Our e-mail, Twitter and Facebook accounts constantly pop up, distracting us with silly out-of-context messages, while we should be concentrating on this new short story, this one mile long e-mail, or this paper to be written for yesterday. A new software trend has seen the light: the distraction-free word processors [...]

Books: what will come after

Funny timing. Yesterday evening, Lausanne University (UNIL) Department of Human Sciences organized a symposium about what will happen after the so-called “death” of paper books. Its title: “Qu’y aura-t-il après le livre ?” (viz. “What will come after the book?”). A few hours ago, on the other side of Atlantic Ocean, Steve Jobs announced his [...]

Parodies of a simple paradise

Because it’s Friday and already the time to relax for the weekend, two famous videos which parody user’s behaviour towards e-readers. The first one is a viral marketing commercial from a Spanish online bookstore, explaining the technological features of a traditional book. The second one, produced by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting television channel), comes from a [...]

Harder better faster (and virtually) stronger

Quite often nowadays, mostly when Apple launches a new leading product, we see swarms of e-readers landing on the market1. But as for smartphones, the new generation of devices is planned (with the help of marketing strategies) to make us forget the preceding one. And in spite of the brevity of e-reader life, every time [...]